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Nordiska Stil is a personalized web and graphic design agency located in Jämtland

My name is Nathalie, and I’m a web and graphic designer, as well as the driving force behind Nordiska Stil in Skålan, Jämtland. Creativity has always been my passion, motivating me to craft unique experiences. With a background in graphic design and cultural heritage, I’ve honed my skills as a graphic and exhibition designer. As my journey progressed, I learnt more about web design, marketing, and photography, enriching my expertise further.

Nordiska Stil - portrett Nathalie de Groot
Nathalie de Groot

Unique design that sets your business apart from the crowd

I assist you with everything you need from the first concept to the final product

This is how I work



First and foremost, I want to get to know you and your business. You can fill in a form that gives me a better understanding of your company, target group and what it is you need.


Preparation phase

Based on your information, I will write a design brief, which describes the conditions, schedules, price and final product.


Design fase

I will show different design proposals. Based on what you think, we wil continue to work on them until you are completely satisfied. I will keep you informed during the entire design process.



Your website or logo is now ready to use. You will receive login information and a manual for the website. I will help you with any adjustments or maintenance in the first two months.